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How can I keep from Singing! (Compiled by the BKA) £17.50 Add to basket
BKA Songbook (latest edition) including double CD

Jewish-Israeli Music (Jewish holiday songs, easy choral pieces and dances for all ages) Esther Hargittai £36.50 Add to basket
To purchase a pdf version of Esther’s book, please visit

150 Rounds for Singing and Teaching (Bolkovac) £17.00 Add to basket
Classical Canons (Molnar) £11.00 Add to basket
77 Rounds and Canons (Simpson) £6.00 Add to basket
2nd Pentatonic Song Book (Brocklehurst) melody edition £8.00 Add to basket
2nd Pentatonic Song Book (Brocklehurst) piano edition £15.00 Add to basket
150 American Folk Songs (Erdei) £16.00 Add to basket
Sail Away (Eleanor Locke) £23.00 Add to basket
Sing It Yourself: 220 Pentatonic American Folk Songs (Louise Larkins Bradford) £24.95 Add to basket
The Book of Playground Songs and Rhymes: First Steps in Music (compiled Feierabend) £13.75 Add to basket
Hetven kánon [70 canons] (Lajos Bárdos) £7.50 Add to basket
My Singing Bird 150 folk songs (Kodály Centre of America) £30.00 Add to basket
Music a Universal Language (International Kodály Society) £29.50 Add to basket
How the Seasons Came (Patricia Lee) incl CD (a KS2 musical) £13.50 Add to basket
Hot Peas and Barley-O (songs and games from Scotland) £19.95 Add to basket
Over the Garden Wall (songs and games from England) £24.95 Add to basket
New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs (ed. Steve Roud and Julia Bishop) £9.99 Add to basket
Magyar Népzene [Folk Music] 1 songs £20.00 Add to basket