150 Rounds for Singing and Teaching

Edward Bolkovac and Judith Johnson, published by Boosey and Hawkes (1996)

Celia Waterhouse
If you are on the lookout for new material, I recommend “150 Rounds for Singing and Teaching” by Edward Bolkovac and Judith Johnson, published by Boosey and Hawkes (1996). Conveniently presented in alphabetical order, this varied collection of rounds has been edited with primary ages in mind but contains much material suitable for work with lower secondary pupils. From the familiar to the completely new, from Palestrina to “My Paddle’s Keen and Bright”, from traditional English to ethnic, from catch to carol, there is material here for developing and extending all aspects of musicianship training, including sight reading and harmonic development. Rounds range from two to six parts. Each is presented initially in “wrap-around format” (not aligned) to facilitate aural development, and a limited selection is later presented also in choral score format to facilitate harmonic analysis or conducting training. The clear, bold type is pleasing to the eye, which is useful for pupils struggling with sight reading. There is even a section of 20 additional rounds without text, excellent for solfa study.
The book is well indexed to assist the busy teacher in the search for suitable material to deliver the National Curriculum. There is a helpful General Categories index, a Number of Parts index, an index of metre (with and without anacrusis), and an index of rhythmic/melodic elements and other features. There is a pronunciation guide to foreign texts, and a resources list.